Challenge Your Reflexes In OkunoKA Madness On Nintendo Switch

OkunoKA Madness Screenshot

Ignition Publishing and Caracal Games have announced OkunoKA Madness, which has seen the developer evolve the original masocore platformer OkunoKA with new levels, bosses, features and challenges.

This has been “built from the ground up for speedrunners” and once again sees you play as KA, an unusually small blue creature who sets out to save the world of souls from an evil presence.

You will need to jump, run and use elemental abilities at breakneck speed to overcome a corrupted land and defeat the Os, your mortal enemy.

With three different speedrunning modes – across all worlds, single levels or custom level selection – you have complete freedom to challenge your reflexes in your effort to beat the clock.

There are new characters to unlock that each has unique abilities, with hidden secrets to uncover and the chance to compete against your friends on fully customisable global and local leaderboards.

OkunoKA Madness will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 8th September 2020. Those that already own OkunoKA will receive a free upgrade to OkunoKA Madness.

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