Castles to construct a tower on Wii U later this year


BadLand Indie have announced that they will bring Castles by WhootGames to Wii U later this year.

The action-puzzler tells the tale of ambitious King Harold, who sees his greatest achievement as being the tower that you are helping to construct. The taller that it becomes, the more challenges that arise from building it such as unpredictable weather and the jealousy of King Harold’s nemesis, King Edmund.

With three modes – Story, Survival and Competitive – Castles can be played solo or in multiplayer, with Story mode to present more than 50 levels of randomised gameplay.

Each player will control an engineer, tasked with matching three or more blocks of tools or colours to achieve the level’s specified objective – with differing combinations earning you more points. You’ll tread carefully around a 7×7 grid, moving the blocks into position within the 5×5 grid at its centre.

Castles will release for Wii U through the Nintendo eShop on September 15th.

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