Casio Baby-G Watches To Tap Into Japan’s Splatoon Craze

casio splatoon baby g watches photo

Casio has revealed plans to expand their Baby-G brand watches with a new Splatter pattern series, which will see release in Japan next month.

We won’t be the only ones to notice how their chosen colour schemes play on the ink warfare that Nintendo unleashed in Splatoon, but, the watch manufacturer has tried to assure that their inspiration instead comes from graffiti. We aren’t so sure.

Fashion Press reports that there will be two designs: a white Baby-G watch with orange and blue paint splattered across it; and a black Baby-G watch, which is instead inked with light blue and green.

These new Baby-G watches will release across Japan in May 2017, priced at 18,500 yen (£135).

black baby g watch photo

white baby g watch photo

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