Capcom release a duo of Ōkamiden videos in celebration of Valentine’s Day


Capcom have revealed a duo of videos for Ōkamiden as their Valentine gift this year, described as being “cute and informative.”

With both featuring Chibiterasu, a young sun god in the form of a wolf pup, the first video is designed to highlight many of the deities and variety of brush techniques that are used to either perform powerful attacks or change the environment.

Alongside this, the second video confirms Chibiterasu’s ability to swim within the game, yet fans will see him pitted against a formidable enemy, Astroidean. Chibi uses the Power Slash and Galestorm brush techniques to attack this starfish-looking creature while swimming out of harms way.

Ōkamiden is due to release exclusively for Nintendo DS on March 15th in North America, and March 25th across Europe.

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