Capcom Is Exploring Monster Hunter On Nintendo Switch


Capcom has already spoken about why Monster Hunter World is not on Nintendo Switch, but, given the strong momentum behind the portable home console, that answer hasn’t satisfied most.

It was Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto that was faced with the question this time, though, who explained that it would be “difficult” to release the game on Nintendo Switch. Instead, the company want to support the console with games (including Monster Hunter) that are more catered to the console’s characteristics.

“We’re aware of that request,” Tsujimoto told Toyo Keizai. “However, taking into account various conditions, bringing Monster Hunter: World now for release is difficult. The reason is that the Switch has different functions from other stationary consoles as well as different players.

“Each game console as its own characteristic, and it’s necessary that we, as game makers, adapt to that when making [a game]. From now on, we’re looking at how we can support the Switch with our games, and that also includes Monster Hunter.”

Capcom has previously stated that there were no plans to release Monster Hunter World on Nintendo Switch, although announced that they were “starting to prepare” more titles for the portable home console.

Monster Hunter World is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide.

[Thanks, Kotaku]
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