Capcom Hype Ace Attorney 15th Anniversary Plans


As has become tradition, 4Gamer has asked Japanese developers to reflect on the past year while looking toward what 2017 will bring.

That has resulted in Capcom director Takeshi Yamazaki and producer Eshiro Motohide sharing their excitement for Ace Attorney’s 15th anniversary year.

While development continues on The Great Ace Attorney 2, the publisher has other projects in the works which promise an “enjoyable year” for fans of Phoenix Wright’s courtroom action.

“In 2017, while we’re fully committed to the development of The Great Ace Attorney 2, I want to do my best to make it a year appropriate to the 15th anniversary of the Ace Attorney,” Motohide shares. “In addition to the ‘Ace Attorney 15th Anniversary Special Courtroom,’ we are planning projects that all the fans can enjoy, so please give your support to the Ace Attorney series in 2017 as well!”

Yamazaki adds: “Starting October 2016, Ace Attorney entered its 15th anniversary year. I think 2017 will be an enjoyable year for fans of the series.”

This year saw Nintendo 3DS exclusive Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice release which had whisked Phoenix to the Kingdom of Khura’in, where the Kurain Channeling Technique originated.

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