Callie And Marie amiibo Dance Toward July 8th Release


Nintendo has announced that Callie and Marie amiibo will soon join the lineup in their Splatoon series amiibo figures.

Those that scan either amiibo in Splatoon will change Inkopolis Plaza into its Splatfest setup, where players can select a song for the Squid Sisters to perform. And, you can look forward to new songs that are to be added beyond those heard in the original soundtrack.

These will be accompanied by Green Inkling Girl, Purple Inkling Boy and Orange Inkling Squid amiibo which will be sold in limited quantities. Although, these will only unlock the same content as those that were previously released.

The amiibo availability by region is as follows:

Europe – July 8th
Callie and Marie amiibo Bundle – TBC
Callie amiibo – TBC
Marie amiibo – TBC
Green Inkling Girl amiibo – TBC
Purple Inkling Boy amiibo – TBC
Orange Inkling Squid amiibo – TBC

North America – July 8th
Callie and Marie amiibo Bundle – $24.99
Green Inkling Girl, Purple Inkling Boy, Orange Inkling Squid amiibo Bundle – $34.99
Green Inkling Girl amiibo – $12.99
Purple Inkling Boy amiibo – $12.99

Japan – July 7th
Callie amiibo – 1,200 yen
Marie amiibo – 1,200 yen
Callie and Marie amiibo Bundle – 2,400 yen
Green Inkling Girl amiibo – 1,200 yen
Purple Inkling Boy amiibo – 1,200 yen
Orange Inkling Squid amiibo – 1,200 yen

Alex Seedhouse
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