Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U patch deploys

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Overnight, Infinity Ward have pushed live a patch for Call of Duty: Ghosts on Wii U.

This delivers additional Wii Remote settings, fixes crashes and audio issues, whilst also seeing Aim Assist disabled in competitive multiplayer in response to the community reporting an exploit.

Those interested in the complete patch notes can read through them below:

Wii U Specific Features and Changes
* Performance optimisations
* Added Wii Remote ‘ADS Camera Sensitivity’ setting
* Added Wii Remote gesture to ‘Jump’ setting
* Added ‘Disable Music’ setting
* Added popups for selecting where the Software Keyboard appears (GamePad/TV)
* Improved support for long squad member names
* Maximum Wii Remote camera speed has been doubled
* Disabled Wii Remote Aim Assist in Public playlists due to an unfixed exploit reported by the community

* Fix for unresponsive/”hitching” menus
* Fixed an issue where a party would be lost after backing out of a match
* Fix for crashes reported when switching between Campaign and Multiplayer
* Fixed issues that were causing occasional static and audio pops when using a headset
* Fixed an audio issue that would sometimes cause gunfire sounds to not play
* Fixed an issue where, after changing control settings on the primary display, the GamePad controls menu would open and close immediately
* Fixed a freeze that could occur when powering down or using the Home button
* Fixed an issue that prevented access to the Home menu after completing an online match
* The loading bar will no longer appear to lose progress when nearly finished loading a map
* Fixed an issue where ejecting the game disc could lead to a crash when the game resumed
* Corrected button prompt for the Trinity Rocket streak reward
* Fixed Wii Remote issue where the player would see the view pop to one area and then another when using a lower ads reach when going into ads while turning with a scope.
* Fixed Wii Remote issue where enemy names display and reticle color change would only occur when the enemy was in the center of the view instead of using the reticle.
* Fixed Wii Remote issue with the Helo Pilot streak where tracers and impact of shots were going slightly below the reticle.
* Several fixes brought over from Infinity Ward

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