Build A Drug Empire In Narco Tycoon On Nintendo Switch

Narco Tycoon Logo

Ultimate Games and Type The Name Studio have revealed that Narco Tycoon is in development for Nintendo Switch.

You will be challenged to build a drug empire in this economic strategy game, designing factories from scratch while “taking care of the smallest details of the production process.”

That will also see you manage the members of the organisation, take care of the proper distribution of goods, fight for market dominance and impunity, in a concerted effort to completely take over the drug business in the city.

“We will give the players a wide array of options and a lot of freedom in building their drug empire. We are developing a very extensive production system, with total freedom when it comes to room planning and equipment layout, but achieving a good quality of the product will require them to properly care for, among others, the right temperature, air quality etc,” explains Type The Name Studio lead designer Marcin Steliga.

“A similar rule will apply to the members of the organisation – each of them will be unique, and properly assigning jobs and tending to the needs of given characters will also be of vital importance. In the same way, for example when fighting for market domination, players will be employing various tactics – some solutions will be based purely on physical force, others will lean towards diplomacy and economy.”

Ultimate Games COO Rafał Jelonek adds: “Narco Tycoon is an unusual strategy that will surprise the players not only with its subject matter, but also with its depth and scope.

“The gameplay itself will be somewhat similar to games like Prison Architect and RimWorld. When it comes to the mood and references to pop culture, Narco Tycoon will surely appeal to, among others, fans of such series as Breaking Bad and Narcos.”

Narco Tycoon will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2022.

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