Bright Memory: Infinite “Coming Soon” To Nintendo Switch

Bright Memory: Infinite Logo

PLAYISM and FYQD-Studio have announced that Bright Memory: Infinite is “coming soon” to Nintendo Switch.

Set in the year 2036, after a strange phenomenon occurs in the skies around the world, the Supernatural Science Research Organisation (SRO) sends agents out to different regions to investigate it. Soon it is discovered that these unexplained occurrences are connected to an archaic mystery which relates to an as-yet-unknown history between two worlds that will soon come to light.

In a “high-octane experience” that has looked to combine the first-person shooter and action genres, you will be able to mix and match your skills and abilities to unleash spectacular combos on your enemies.

You will be able to use your trusted sword to slash through those that confront you and to repel their gunfire, as well as coming to rely on the guns that you come across – which can be customised with a variety of ammunition such as incendiary bombs, sticky grenades or homing missiles.

The publisher has added that the port will run “natively on hardware and not through the cloud,” has “multi-sampling of TAA anti-aliasing for a stylish presentation on the go” and gyroscopic aiming support.

“I know people had to wait a bit longer, but my partners and I decided we needed to take as much time as possible to make Bright Memory: Infinite shine on consoles,” explains FYQD Studio developer Zeng. “We used that extra time to optimize the game on each device. I was confident about getting Bright Memory: Infinite on consoles, but playing the game on those platforms still feels like a miracle.”

Bright Memory: Infinite will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2022.

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