Brick-Breaking Doughlings: Arcade Morphs On Nintendo Switch

Doughlings: Arcade Artwork

Hero Concept has announced that Doughlings: Arcade will release on Nintendo Switch, their take on classic brick-breaking breakout gameplay that throws in new mechanics.

If you discover the hidden DNA in each level your character, Morpheus, will change into one of six different personas.

These each have their own ‘Show Off’ ability that will help you complete the game’s 90 levels, and promise to carry beyond the “traditional brick breaker power-ups.”

You can expect the levels to become more challenging as you progress, in which you will face killers, psychos, ghosts and more.

And, for those looking for more content to play after completing the game, you can create and share your own levels with players from around the world.

Doughlings: Arcade will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Q2 2018.

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