Brew Your Perfect Beer In Brewmaster On Nintendo Switch

Brewmaster Logo

Sold Out and Auroch Digital have revealed that their authentic home brewing simulator Brewmaster is in development for Nintendo Switch.

Inviting you to brew the beer of your dreams, you will have the chance to discover, learn and master the art of homebrewing. That will take you from perfecting authentic, chemistry-driven brewing techniques to bottling and labelling.

You will have all the tricks of the trade and the best equipment at your disposal, with the choice of following a recipe or experimenting with real-world ingredients to build your skills. Those looking to compare their efforts against others can enter friendly competitions, earning beer tokens that can be used to upgrade your equipment on your journey to become an even better brewer.

“We’re building Brewmaster on the science behind the real-life process of homebrewing to deliver an authentic, satisfying experience to players,” explains Auroch Digital creative producer Peter Willington.

“From newcomers to professional brewers and homebrewing hobbyists, we’re excited to give players the tools to craft their virtual dream brew, and have fun with the creative side of brewing without the in-depth knowledge required in the real world.”

Sold Out senior product manager Katie Clark adds: “Hobby simulators have become a staple of gaming in recent years, and we’re excited to introduce a new concept to the genre with a first-of-its-kind deep simulation of homebrewing.”

Brewmaster will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2022.

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