Bravely Second: End Layer Gains Gathelatio Costume Pack Pre-Order Bonus


Bravely Second: End Layer is nearing launch in Europe, and has this week been penned in for an April release across North America.

Those that place a pre-order for the Deluxe Collector’s Edition at either GAME or the Nintendo Official UK Store can receive the Gathelatio Costume Pack, a digital download code that may be redeemed in the Nintendo 3DS exclusive’s ‘Special Gifts’ menu.

That unlocks four costumes for your merry band, namely being the Planeswarden Garb, Magical Girl’s Coat, Sagittarius Garb and United Garb. Before you get up in arms, Nintendo has clarified that these do not have any in-game effects and therefore provide only aesthetic changes.

Bravely Second: End Layer will launch exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in Europe on February 26th, and across North America on April 15th.

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  1. Are these only available as a preorder bonus, or have they made any mention of them being available after launch as well?

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