Boo! Three LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion Sets Revealed

LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion Photo

To coincide with Halloween, Nintendo and The LEGO Group have revealed three LEGO Super Mario sets that take their inspiration from Luigi’s Mansion.

First up is the Lab and Poltergust Set, which comes with Professor E. Gadd and the chance to equip Luigi with the trusty Poltergust so that he can slam, blow away and vacuum up ghosts. Next is the Entryway Set, which adds a Boo and Luigi’s friendly and enthusiastic companion Polterpup.

The main event is the Haunt-and-Seek Set, which comes with King Boo and offers the most elaborate course to create which even traps Toad within a painting.

The three LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion Sets will release at retailers worldwide on 1st January 2022.

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