Bionik Reveal Three New Nintendo Switch Accessories

Nintendo Switch BT Audio Sync Main Photo

Bionik has revealed three new accessories for Nintendo Switch to coincide with E3 2019, in the BT Audio Sync, Chat Mixer, and Power Commuter.

You can read more about these accessories below:

Nintendo Switch BT Audio Sync Photo

Nintendo Switch BT Audio Sync (MSRP $TBC)

The BT Audio Sync enables gamers to use their favorite wireless Bluetooth headphones with their Nintendo Switch. The BT Audio Sync offers a stable connection with a range of 32′ and plugs directly into the Nintendo Switch or its dock via USB. The passthrough feature allows gamers to charge their Switch console while using the BT Audio Sync. Up to two pairs of headphones can be paired at a time for local multiplayer gaming.

Nintendo Switch Chat Mixer Photo

Nintendo Switch Chat Mixer (MSRP $39.99)

The Chat Mixer is Bionik’s solution to in-game chat audio on the Nintendo Switch. Functioning as both a Bluetooth receiver and transmitter, the Chat Mixer integrates with the Switch Online App to enable players to hear and independently control voice chat and in-game audio from a single source.

Nintendo Switch Power Commuter Photo

Nintendo Switch Power Commuter (MSRP $TBC)

The Power Commuter is a Switch carrying bag that keeps all of the ergonomic features of Bionik’s signature Commuter bag with an included 10,000 mAh battery. The Power Commuter is the ideal travel bag those you who wish to keep their Switch console, or any other USB Type-C device, charged on-the-go.

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