Bethesda On Their Decision To Support Nintendo Switch

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Bethesda Softworks has shown strong support for Nintendo Switch with DOOM and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to come and, we can speculate, more games to be announced at E3 2018.

The company has, once again, spoken about their decision to get behind the portable home console, which, as they point out, are their first releases on a Nintendo platform since Star Trek: Tactical Assault for Nintendo DS and Star Trek: Conquest for Wii.

“From Nintendo, they’re thrilled as hell. The last Nintendo game I guess we did before this would have been, like, Star Trek: Tactical Assault or something. We did a [Nintendo] DS game. I can’t even keep them all straight, it was a long time ago, but, yeah, we hadn’t done anything on Nintendo hardware in a long time,” Bethesda Softworks senior vice president of marketing Pete Hines explained to Gamereactor.

“But, we’ve always talked to those guys. Our philosophy hasn’t changed in all my time at Bethesda, which is, we put all this effort into making these games, we’ll put them out on as many platforms as will support the game as the developers have designed it.

“Now in the case of Switch, okay we’ve gotta do a little work to make sure it runs right and gives the right thing. We don’t want to cut out half of the story or make sacrifices that change the game, but if a device will support what we’re doing, we’ll absolutely put it out because we want as many people possible to play these great games that our developers make.”

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