Bethesda: “Never say never” concerning Wii U support


Last September, Bethesda shared that they were hesitant in committing development resources to Wii U, and that hasn’t currently changed.

Yet Peter Hines, vice president of PR and marketing, has shared that they may consider doing so in future “if that makes sense” at the time.

“There’s a decent list of stuff that you don’t associate with us,” Hines stated to IGN. “We don’t have any games on Facebook. We’re not heavily into mobile. Here and there we’ve done some stuff. We did a little free Dishonored thing. We did the Rage thing, which was John [Carmack] going, ‘hey, I can get this to work on that, it’ll be fun.’ But in general, month over month, year over year, we don’t have stuff that we’re developing or talking about.”

He continued, “We don’t have anything announced for Wii U. We don’t have anything announced for the handhelds. Are there opportunities that could come up there that could make sense and be the kinds of things we would want to do? Absolutely. But what we have going on right now doesn’t fit with that.

But what about Wolfenstein: The New Order, which will release on current generation systems and not Wii U?

“For a game like Wolfenstein, as it’s designed, we want it out on as many platforms as we can support that will support the game as it’s envisioned, where we don’t have to cut features or dial stuff back or end up delivering a game where Wolf on this platform is nothing like it is on the PS4,” he explained.

“Other platforms that we’re not doing anything for, we’ll wait and see. I would never say never. There are a lot of talented folks doing a lot of cool stuff, and maybe opportunities arise, or maybe somebody internally says, ‘hey, I have this great idea to do this thing on this platform.’ If that makes sense and it feels like something Bethesda would do, okay. But we’re not just going to bang a round peg into a square hole. That’s not how we work. It doesn’t make sense for us.”

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