Become An Animal Ninja Master In Kemono Heroes On Nintendo Switch

Kemono Heroes Screenshot

Mad Gear Games has announced that Kemono Heroes will release on Nintendo Switch, a throwback arcade-platformer with four-player local coop.

When Tsukigami, the Moon God, is maddened at the inhabitants of the forest, he transforms them all into stone. Only the four Animal Ninja Masters can fight through Tsukigami’s hordes of evil spirit minions to reach Mount Fuji to confront him in time to break the magic spell.

That adventure will take place across five worlds that each have 3 sub-stages, with the developer promising that the game will be different on every day in the year.

Each of the four playable characters has different abilities, and there are weapons to unlock and upgrade – helpful to topple the giant monsters that await you at the end of each world.

Kemono Heroes will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2019.

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