BBC iPlayer for Wii U confirmed to be in the pipeline


Presumably absent amid delays to roll out the Nintendo TVii service in Europe, it has been confirmed that BBC iPlayer will at least eventually come to Wii U.

That’s according to senior product manager Peter Lasko, responding to comments raised on a post outlining the on-demand service’s PlayStation 4 debut last month, who confirmed that whilst it was in development he could offer “no further details.”

“We follow a clear process so that we can get iPlayer onto devices in a scalable and maintainable way,” Lasko explained. “We worked with Sony in this way for the PlayStation 4. We are working to bring BBC iPlayer to both Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U in the future, but we have no further details to share at this time.”

If indeed set to launch alongside Nintendo TVii, we’ve been promised news “in the near future” after Nintendo apologised for missing their plans to bring the service to Europe in 2013.

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