Battle On The Court In Slice Of Life On Nintendo Switch

Slice Of Life Screenshot

Smallrave Entertainment has announced that Slice of Life will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

This upcoming game blends a “twisting narrative filled with interesting friends and foes,” with arcade-style tennis action that will see you battle it out on the court.

Slice of Life tells the story of Drake Lacasse, who, after being framed and defamed, must rebuild his life at Rosegate University. You will have to balance your time around making new friends, keeping on top of your studies and training on the tennis court.

That will present an opportunity to get to know a large cast of characters, with whom you can build bonds to unlock your potential. The stronger the bond, the more perks you will have to customise your build on the court.

There’s support for local drop-in Co-op in the Story Mode, and several multiplayer modes that are focused on cooperation.

Slice of Life will release exclusively on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q2 2020.

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