Battle Crush Closed Beta Test Goes Live In October

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NCSOFT has confirmed that it will run a closed beta test for Battle Crush on Nintendo Switch next month.

In this 30-player brawl-for-all, you will be able to experience “adrenaline-fuelled action with simple, fast-paced gameplay.”

That will see you participate in an intense showdown between characters fighting to reach the top, feeling the rush of excitement as you jump, swim and soar across the battlefield to crush your rivals.

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features, which include:

  • Special Skills That Add Fun to the Game: The controls for Battle Crush are simple, yet the action skills are anything but. Combine 6 types of skills to enjoy satisfying gameplay, such as Light Attacks that consist of quick moves and combos and Heavy Attacks which knock enemies back with big blows. Remain invincible as you charge up your Ultimate, and dodge incoming moves following up with a quick counter with Dodge Attacks.
  • Treasure Chests and Items to Turn the Tables: Find the treasure chests and items scattered around the field. Items will help you survive, and gear will make your Calixer stronger. Mythic weapons obtained from unlocked treasure chests will grant you the power to reign over all others.
  • Calixers – Characters With Unique Action Skills: Meet the Calixers! Poseidon, Hades, Medusa, Hermes, and other mythological figures have arrived at the arena looking more fabulous than ever. Each Calixer has their own story and unique skills. Choose your favourite Calixer and become the hero of this story!
  • Various Game Modes
    • Battle Royale (Solo/Team): A Battle Royale mode with up to 30 players fighting to be the last one standing. The arena collapses as time goes by! Find safe ground as enemies lurk around every corner. Join a party of 3 in Battle Royale Team Mode, keeping an eye on which Calixers your teammates pick and creating the perfect team.
    • Brawl (Solo/Team): You can choose 3 Calixers to take to battle in Brawl Mode. Keep fighting until you are the only one left. The arena is smaller than in Battle Royale, making the battle more fast-paced and action-packed. Don’t forget that consumable attack items activate upon collection in this mode.
    • Build Up: Go against your enemies in this intense 1 vs 1 mode. The first to take 3 games out of 5 becomes the victor. You can see which Calixers your opponent has chosen before the game starts. If you lose the previous round, you get to choose the next round’s items first, bringing the odds in your favor.

Battle Crush will be released digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Spring 2024.

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