Baba: No plans to bring ‘Tales’ series to Wii U

tales of

Namco Bandai have no plans to bring their Tales series to Wii U, according to series producer Hideo Baba.

In an interview with Gematsu, Baba cites the complexities of developing for the Wii U GamePad and not wishing to make the player feel stressed as his reasons, which seems odd. Especially as he could just develop to support the Wii U Pro Controller.

“We don’t have any plans at the time [to bring the Tales series to Wii U],” Baba discussed. “But the Wii U is very unique hardware, which has one big screen [on the TV] and one small screen [on the controller], but with the console for development of an RPG, the players need to play for a long time, so we need to create a game in which the gameplay will help players feel less stress.”

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