Award-Winning Cyberpunk Puzzler Hyperforma Coming To Nintendo Switch

Hyperforma Screenshot

HeroCraft has announced that Hyperforma will release on Nintendo Switch, the award-winning cyberpunk puzzler.

In this new take on the classic puzzle-based arcade genre, you must hack sophisticated virtual systems in more than 80 levels.

The game treads a story about a lone explorer who makes his journey into the relic cyberspace Ancient Network, an artifact of a vanished civilization of the past. There, he hopes to reveal the secrets of its masters.

It comes to Nintendo Switch as an all-new experience that has been tailored to the portable home console, whether that be HD Rumble support, gyroscopic control options, reworked interface, improved color grading, or the new two-player mode.

Hyperforma will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide later this year.

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