Award-Winning 7 Years From Now Out On Nintendo Switch

7 Years From Now Logo

PQube, Fumi and Room 6 have announced that the award-winning narrative adventure 7 Years From Now is out now Nintendo Switch.

In this “slice of life drama with distinctive pixel art,” you play as high schooler Haruto Soraki. He sets out on a quest to recover a memory that he had presumably lost in an accident seven years ago, which will see him return to his hometown and meet with forgotten friends.

As you explore the town and interact with its people, you will start to uncover the town’s dark secrets which will soon see you leap into the past to outthink those trying to stop you as you do your best to piece together what really happened seven years ago to uncover the real truth.

7 Years From Now is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide priced at £7.99 ($9.99) with a 20 percent limited-time launch discount.

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