Aurorus and Tyrantrum announced for Pokémon X & Y


Game Freak still have new Pokémon up their sleeves, having revealed the evolved forms of fossil Pokémon X Amaura and Tyrunt.

Aurorus is the evolution of Amaura, and is a Rock and Ice-type Pokémon that players will find is effective against Water-type foes. It uses a new Ice move called Freeze-Dry, which can see opponents become frozen and leaving them open to additional attacks.

Meanwhile, the rather monstrous-looking Tyrantrum has been revealed as the evolution of Tyrunt, which makes a rather stark comparison. We’re awaiting more information on its type and move set.

Pokémon X & Y will release worldwide for Nintendo 3DS on October 12th.

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  1. Like its previous evolution, Aurorus should have a tinge of coral pink at the top, but other than that it looks regal!

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