Ask Iwata Book Receives April Release Dates

Satoru Iwata GDC 2011 Photo

VIZ Media has confirmed release dates for Ask Iwata: Words of Wisdom, an official English translation for Hobonichi’s Iwata-san book.

This special book collects quotes from articles such as those on Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun or the Iwata Asks discussions on the official Nintendo website, celebrating late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata’s life and conversations.

“Satoru Iwata was the former Global President and CEO of Nintendo and a gifted programmer who played a key role in the creation of many of the world’s best-known games,” the book’s blurb reads.

“He led the production of innovative platforms such as the Nintendo DS and the Wii, and laid the groundwork for the development of the wildly successful Pokémon Go game and the Nintendo Switch. Known for his analytical and imaginative mind, but even more for his humility and people-first approach to leadership, Satoru Iwata was beloved by game fans and developers worldwide.

“In this motivational collection, Satoru Iwata addresses diverse subjects such as locating bottlenecks, how success breeds resistance to change, and why programmers should never say no.

“Drawn from the Iwata Asks series of interviews with key contributors to Nintendo games and hardware, and featuring conversations with renowned Mario franchise creator Shigeru Miyamoto and creator of EarthBound Shigesato Itoi, Ask Iwata offers game fans and business leaders an insight into the leadership, development and design philosophies of one of the most beloved figures in gaming history.”

Ask Iwata: Words of Wisdom will release at retail in print and digital formats in the United States on 13th April and across Europe on 15th April 2021, with pre-orders now available.

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