Artwork for GameCube’s cancelled Perfect Dark uncovered


It’s been 13 years since Microsoft acquired Rare, a purchase that immediately saw the studio’s projects shift from GameCube to Xbox 360.

Those came to light at launch, when Kameo: Elements of Power and Perfect Dark Zero led the way in justifying Microsoft’s aggressive approach in building their own network of studios working exclusively for their own console.

But, what was lost exactly in the transition? Unseen64 have uncovered early artwork for Perfect Dark Zero, that had been penned when Rare had still been working with Nintendo.

With an art style that presents a distinct flair inspired by Japanese manga, flicking through the game’s Art Gallery feature lends us an insight into what might have been.

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  1. You finally uncovered this just now, I seen it way back like 2006 when I decided to get a 360 and perfect dark zero, it was bonus disc for the collector edition.

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