Aromatisse, Bouffalant, Malamar and Sableye to be distributed at Gamescom


The Pokémon Company International have announced a serial code distribution event for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, which will run at gamescom next month.

Serebii reports that Game Freak battle director Shigeki Morimoto has selected four Pokémon to be used in the distribution, with those in attendance to receive a serial code card that will provide access to two of these.

Those chosen include Aromatisse with Trick Room, Heal Pulse, Disable and Moonblast moves, which is holding the Babiri Berry and has the ability Aroma Veil – that prevents the Pokémon and its allies from being afflicted by Attract, Disable, Encore, Heal Block, Taunt and Torment.

Bouffalant has the moves Head Charge, Facade, Earthquake and another that translates to Rock Slide, the Choice Band item and the ability Soundproof that provides the Pokémon with immunity to effects caused by sound moves.

Malamar has the moves Superpower, Knock Off, Facade and another that translates to Rock Slide, the Assault Vest item and the Contrary ability that causes all effects that would normally lower a Pokémon’s stat to instead increase it, and vice versa.

Meanwhile, Sableye has the moves Calm Mind, Will-O-Wisp, Recover and Shadow Ball, the Sablenite item and the Prankster ability which increases the priority of status moves by one.

gamescom will be held at Cologne’s koelnmesse between Wednesday 5th – Sunday 9th August 2015.

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