Arena Of Valor Closed Beta For Nintendo Switch Takes Up Arms

Arena of Valor Image

After the surprise Nintendo Direct announcement that their multiplayer online battle arena game was destined for Nintendo Switch, Tencent Games has announced that they will hold an Arena of Valor Closed Beta in Europe.

The free-to-start game will see you command a roster that boasts more than 35 fearless heroes, each with their own role to play in battles such as tanks, assassins, mages, and warriors.

Those interested in taking part in the Closed Beta must apply to participate by completing the player experience survey, after which the developer will notify those that are successful.

“We really appreciate your feedback on our game. For this survey, there are no correct/incorrect. Remember, only with the help of wonderful players like yourself can we make our game even better,” the developer writes.

“Your personal data and responses will be anonymous and presented as an aggregate. If you accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and agree to voluntarily participate in this questionnaire and provide your information, please click the ‘Accept’ button below.”

The Arena of Valor Closed Beta will be made available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide this winter.

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