Another 140,000 Nintendo Network ID Accounts Have Been Compromised

Nintendo Network Logo

After continuing to investigate their recent security breach, Nintendo has identified that a further 140,000 Nintendo Network ID accounts have been illegally compromised.

The company has notified those that have been affected with password reset reminders, and, where fraudulent transactions have been made, they will continue to issue refunds.

“We posted a report about illegal logins on 24 April. After that, we still continued with our investigation, and the result is that we found out there are an additional 140,000 accounts that had the possibility of being illegally accessed,” Nintendo explained in an update (thanks to BlackKite for the translation).

“We are separately contacting customers of these 140,000 accounts to reset passwords of the NNID as well as the linked Nintendo Accounts. At the same time, we’re also performing additional security measures.

“Of the NNIDs being probably compromised worldwide, the probability of illegal transactions being actually performed through Nintendo Accounts is less than 1% of all accounts. We are currently still proceeding with refund processes in each country for the affected customers, but the refunds are already finished for the majority of customers.”

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