Animal Crossing New Horizons Sea Creature Prices: How Much Your Catches Are Worth

Animal Crossing New Horizons Sea Creature Prices Screenshot

As you wear your Wet Suit and dive into the ocean to catch sea-dwelling critters around your deserted island home, you may want to know what the Animal Crossing: New Horizons sea creature prices are.

Once a sea creature has been listed in your Critterpedia and donated to Blathers for safekeeping in the Museum’s Aquarium, the duplicates that you catch can become a reliable source for you to earn more Bells to build up your Bank of Nook account.

It’s important to remember to sell your sea creatures directly to Timmy or Tommy in Nook’s Cranny, as you will always be rewarded with more Bells for your efforts this way.

You can use the Drop-off Box that’s located outside the shop to sell them when it is closed, but anything that you place inside it will be bought at 80 percent of their shop trade-in value due to handling fees. The twins are related to Tom Nook, after all.

We have started to compile a list of how many Bells you will receive when selling each sea creature in the game, but, given the ever-changing seasons, it is not exhaustive nor complete just yet.

If you have caught a sea creature that’s missing from our list or perhaps see a price that doesn’t match up with what Timmy or Tommy gave you for it, please let us know! As we continue to catch new sea creatures, we’ll make sure that this list of sea creature prices is kept up-to-date over time.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Sea Creature Prices List

  • Abalone: 2,000 Bells
  • Acorn Barnacle: 600 Bells
  • Chambered Nautilus: 1,800 Bells
  • Dungesness Crab: 1,900 Bells
  • Firefly Squid: 1,400 Bells
  • Flatworm: 700 Bells
  • Gazami Crab: 2,200 Bells
  • Giant Isopod: 12,000 Bells
  • Gigas Giant Clam: 15,000 Bells
  • Horseshoe Crab: 2,500 Bells
  • Lobster: 4,500 Bells
  • Mantis Shrimp: 2,500 Bells
  • Moon Jellyfish: 600 Bells
  • Mussel: 1,500 Bells
  • Octopus: 1,200 Bells
  • Oyster: 1,100 Bells
  • Pearl Oyster: 2,800 Bells
  • Red King Crab: 8,000 Bells
  • Scallop: 1,000 Bells
  • Sea Anemone: 500 Bells
  • Sea Cucumber: 500 Bells
  • Sea Grapes: 900 Bells
  • Sea Pig: 10,000 Bells
  • Sea Pineapple: 1,500 Bells
  • Sea Slug: 600 Bells
  • Sea Star: 500 Bells
  • Sea Urchin: 1,700 Bells
  • Seaweed: 600 Bells
  • Slate Pencil Urchin: 2,000 Bells
  • Snow Crab: 6,000 Bells
  • Spider Crab: 10,000 Bells
  • Spiny Lobster: 5,000 Prices
  • Spotted Garden Eel: 1,100 Bells
  • Sweet Shrimp: 1,400 Bells
  • Tiger Prawn: 3,000 Bells
  • Turban Shell: 1,000 Bells
  • Umbrella Octopus: 6,000 Bells
  • Vampire Squid: 10,000 Bells
  • Venus’ Flower Basket: 5,000 Bells
  • Whelk: 1,000 Bells
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  1. Hey there! My daughter and I are spending a lot of time playing…love it! Is there a certain time to fish for certain sea creatures? Or is it just luck of the draw? I noticed late at night I can get tons of the Spiny Lobster no problem! Just curious! Tnx for this list, we love looking at all our finds to see what we should keep or toss, I’m sure we’ll have it memorized here pretty soon!

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