Animal Crossing New Horizons Fossil Prices List: How Much Your Prehistoric Discoveries Are Worth

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As you use your Shovel to dig up fossils buried beneath the surface of your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you may want to know the fossil prices for the prehistoric discoveries that you have made.

When each day starts at 5am, as many as six fossils will randomly appear on your island – marked with a star-shaped hole that need to be dug up.

Once you have donated a fossil to Blathers for safekeeping in the Museum‘s Exhibit, the duplicates that you unearth can become a reliable source for you to earn more Bells to build up your Bank of Nook account.

It’s important to remember to sell your fossils directly to Timmy or Tommy in Nook’s Cranny, as you will always be rewarded with more Bells for your efforts this way.

You can use the Drop-off Box that’s located outside the shop to sell them when it is closed, but anything that you place inside it will be bought at 80 percent of their shop trade-in value due to handling fees. The twins are related to Tom Nook, after all.

We have started to compile a list of how many Bells you will receive when selling each fossil in the game.

If you have recovered a fossil that’s missing from our list or perhaps see a price that doesn’t match up with what Timmy or Tommy gave you for it, please let us know! As we continue to dig up new fossils, we’ll make sure that this list of fossil prices is kept up-to-date over time.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fossil Prices List

Standalone Fossils

  • Acanthostega: 8,000 Bells
  • Amber: 1,200 Bells
  • Ammonite: 1,100 Bells
  • Anomalocaris: 2,000 Bells
  • Archaeopteryx: 1,300 Bells
  • Australopith: 1,100 Bells
  • Coprolite: 4,400 Bells
  • Dinosaur Track: 4,000 Bells
  • Dunkleosteus: 14,000 Bells
  • Eusthenopteron: 2,000 Bells
  • Juramaia: 1,500 Bells
  • Myllokunmingia: 1,500 Bells
  • Shark-Tooth Pattern: 1,000 Bells
  • Trilobite: 5,200 Bells

Ankylosaurus Fossil Set

  • Ankylo Skull: 14,000 Bells
  • Ankylo Tail: 2,500 Bells
  • Ankylo Torso: 3,000 Bells

Archelon Fossil Set

  • Archelon Skull: 16,000 Bells
  • Archelon Tail: 3,500 Bells

Brachiosaurus Fossil Set

  • Brachio Chest: 22,000 Bells
  • Brachio Pelvis: 5,000 Bells
  • Brachio Skull: 6,000 Bells
  • Brachio Tail: 22,000 Bells

Deinonychus Fossil Set

  • Deinony Tail: 10,000 Bells
  • Deinony Torso: 3,000 Bells

Diplodocus Fossil Set

  • Diplo Chest: 16,000 Bells
  • Diplo Neck: 18,000 Bells
  • Diplo Pelvis: 4,500 Bells
  • Diplo Skull: 5,000 Bells
  • Diplo Tail: 20,000 Bells
  • Diplo Tail Tip: 4,000 Bells

Dimetrodon Fossil Set

  • Dimetrodon Skull: 5,500 Bells
  • Dimetrodon Torso: 5,000 Bells

Iguanodon Fossil Set

  • Iguanodon Skull: 4,000 Bells
  • Iguanodon Tail: 3,000 Bells
  • Iguanodon Torso: 3,500 Bells

Mammoth Fossil Set

  • Mammoth Skull: 12,000 Bells
  • Mammoth Torso: 2,500 Bells

Megacerops Fossil Set

  • Megacero Skull: 18,000 Bells
  • Megacero Tail: 12,000 Bells
  • Megacero Torso: 14,000 Bells

Megaloceros Fossil Set

  • Left Megalo Side: 16,000 Bells
  • Right Megalo Side: 5,500 Bells

Ophthalmosaurus Fossil Set

  • Ophthalmo Skull: 2,500 Bells
  • Ophthalmo Torso: 8,000 Bells

Pachycephalosaurus Fossil Set

  • Pachy Skull: 16,000 Bells
  • Pachy Tail: 14,000 Bells

Parasaurolophus Fossil Set

  • Parasaur Skull: 14,000 Bells
  • Parasaur Tail: 2,500 Bells
  • Parasaur Torso: 3,000 Bells

Plesiosaurus Fossil Set

  • Plesio Torso: 4,500 Bells
  • Plesio Skull: 16,000 Bells
  • Plesio Tail: 18,000 Bells

Quetzalcoatlus Fossil Set

  • Left Quetzal Wing: 5,000 Bells
  • Quetzal Torso: 4,500 Bells
  • Right Quetzal Wing: 5,000 Bells

Pteranodon Fossil Set

  • Left Ptera Wing: 4,500 Bells
  • Ptera Body: 16,000 Bells
  • Right Ptera Wing: 4,500 Bells

Sabertooth Tiger Fossil Set

  • Sabertooth Skull: 2,500 Bells
  • Sabertooth Tail: 8,000 Bells

Spinosaurus Fossil Set

  • Spino Skull: 4,000 Bells
  • Spino Tail: 10,000 Bells
  • Spino Torso: 3,000 Bells

Stegosaurus Fossil Set

  • Stego Skull: 5,000 Bells
  • Stego Tail: 4,000 Bells
  • Stego Torso: 18,000 Bells

T. Rex Fossil Set

  • T. Rex Skull: 6,000 Bells
  • T. Rex Tail: 20,000 Bells
  • T. Rex Torso: 5,500 Bells


  • Tricera Skull: 5,500 Bells
  • Tricera Torso: 5,000 Bells
  • Tricera Tail: 18,000 Bells
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