Analyst: Nintendo will “lose significant market share this generation”


Nintendo should prepare to “lose significant market share this generation,” having failed to ignite consumer interest with the Wii U.

Such remarks came from IHS Screen Digest senior analyst Piers Harding-Rolls, who was assessing Nintendo’s future performance ahead of competitor console’s hitting the market.

It’s fair to say that many didn’t expect the company to see similar breakaway success as the Wii saw, although sales have fallen below Nintendo’s own projections.

“Most publishers will be looking for Nintendo to generate platform momentum before committing significant investment at this stage,” Harding-Rolls explained, discussing the lack of third-party support for the console.

“We expect Wii U sales to pick up in line with the release of big hitting titles and increased marketing support. But overall we expect Nintendo to lose significant market share this generation compared to last gen.”

He continues, “Nintendo’s short term plan is to generate momentum through first party games and to then stimulate increased third party investment. This still means, however, that we are unlikely to see significant third party releases until the end of 2014.”

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