Analyst: Nintendo to capitalise on second-screen trend


Third-party apprehension, relatively barren first-party software and the innovative second screen of the Wii U GamePad were all points discussed by EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich in a recent interview.

Nintendo’s latest console has been the source of much discussion, both positive and negative, yet Divnich believes that they are poised to capitalise on an increasing desire for second-screen experiences within the living room.

“Nintendo always went against the grain,” Divnich explains to EDGE magazine. “It’s risky for publishers to jump on revolutionary technology from day one and this puts tremendous pressure on the first-party studios to lead the charge. With Wii U, a few key first-party titles were delayed, and without them consumers are still on the fence about the console.”

It’s such first-party software that will once again prove a turning point for Wii U, as it once did for Nintendo 3DS.

He continued, “Nintendo has yet to release its major first-party titles on the platform. Consumers are waiting for that killer Wii U game before making their decision on whether or not to enter the ecosystem.

“Right now, the battle in the living room is for the second-screen experience and Nintendo is positioned perfectly to capitalise on this trend. I think it may be fair to give Nintendo through the holiday to see if the current lineup can raise awareness and sales.”

[Thanks Nintendo Life]

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