Analyst Believes Nintendo Switch Mini Will Have 1080p Screen And Improved Battery Life

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Photo

The mobile-first Nintendo Switch Mini will deliver a “meaningful upgrade,” with integrated Joy-Con, a 1080p screen, and improved battery life.

That’s according to Tirias Research principal analyst Jim McGregor who, in a recent article, has written about the opportunity for Nintendo and Google to partner “to propel Stadia to a broad audience” with Nintendo Switch.

“The new ‘mini’ Nintendo Switch will take advantage of a two generations of die shrinks to its Nvidia Tegra processor to deliver 1080p mobile gaming to a broader audience,” McGregor writes on Forbes.

“By joining the Joy-Con to the main body of the Switch, Nintendo will squeeze out the expensive and sophisticated wireless Joy-Con and create a mobile-first Switch platform. The die shrink of the Nvidia Tegra processor will provide better battery life and a meaningful upgrade to a 1080p display and graphics in mobile mode.

“The new mini Switch, and an upgraded standard Switch are poised to address a broader market and capitalize on their growing software and user base. But, there is another opportunity for Switch which has not yet come to light.”

Tirias Research “tracks and consults for companies throughout the electronics ecosystem from semiconductors to systems and sensors to the cloud,” but whether this article is based on inside knowledge or continued speculation about the upcoming revisions is unclear.

When asked about the rumors surrounding the Nintendo Switch revisions, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa acknowledged the coverage that has been circulating for months but did not want to “spoil the surprise for consumers.”

“While we are aware there has been coverage to that effect, we cannot comment in regards to speculation and rumors about new hardware or software,” Furukawa explained to shareholders.

“It would spoil the surprise for consumers and is against the interests of our shareholders, so we are withholding any discussion. We are constantly developing new hardware and new software. We’ll let you know as soon as anything is ready to be announced.”

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