All Pokémon Found With Island Scan In Pokémon Sun And Moon

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon don’t promote the Island Scan feature particularly well, but it soon proves to be an invaluable tool to battle and catch Pokémon that aren’t typically found in the Alola region.

Before you can use Island Scan, players must first accumulate 100 points by scanning QR Code patterns using the QR Scanner. These can be earned by scanning either an Alola Pokédex QR Code, Wonder QR Code, or Special QR Code, which reward you with 10 points, 10 points, and 20 points respectively.

The Alola Pokédex QR Code patterns are displayed in your Pokédex whenever you catch a Pokémon, any QR Code pattern that you discover in the real world will count as a Wonder QR Code, while Special QR Code patterns are specific to a particular Pokémon – such as the Magearna QR Code pattern.

When you have 100 points, select Island Scan and hold the R or A button to see the tool detect a rare Pokémon. You should then head to the location, and search for the silhouetted Pokémon as soon as possible.

The Pokémon that appears will depend on the island you are exploring and which day of the week it is:

All Pokémon Found With Island Scan In Pokémon Sun And Pokémon Moon

Melemele Island

MondayTotodileSeaward Cave
TuesdayDeinoTen Carat Hill
WednesdayHorseaKala'e Bay
ThursdayKlinkHau'oli City
FridayChikoritaRoute 2
SaturdayLitwickHau'oli Cemetery
SundayCyndaquilRoute 3

Akala Island

MondaySphealRoute 7
TuesdayLuxioRoute 8
WednesdayHonedgeAkala Outskirts
ThursdayVenipedeRoute 4
FridayBellsproutRoute 5
SaturdayMarillBrooklet Hill
SundayGothitaRoute 6

Ula’ula Island

MondaySwinubTapu Village
TuesdayDuosionRoute 16
WednesdayRoseliaUla'ula Meadow
ThursdayStaraviaRoute 10
FridayVigorothRoute 11
SaturdayAxewMount Hokulani
SundayRhyhornBlush Mountain

Poni Island

MondayConkeldurrPoni Plains
TuesdayTogekissPoni Gauntlet
WednesdayLeavannyPoni Meadow
ThursdaySerperiorExeggutor Island
FridaySamurottPoni Wilds
SaturdayEmboarAncient Poni Path
SundayEelektrossPoni Grove

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