Akatori Trailer Swings Into Action

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HypeTrain Digital and Code Wakers have shared a teaser trailer for Akatori, which is in development for Nintendo Switch.

In this upcoming Metroidvania and character action-platformer, you will come to rely on your staff as your weapon, platforming tool and companion all at once.

The game will offer the chance for you to explore multiple worlds that span various eras and races, in which you will build friendships, battle formidable foes and help Mako locate the ancient Gods while she tries to find herself.

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features, which include:

  • Switch between staff and fists to defeat any foe: Akatori’s unique combat system is based on a combination of staff and fist strikes. Combine, adapt, and swap fighting styles on the fly to balance their strengths and weaknesses and get the most out of your arsenal.
  • Explore the huge in-game world: The Akatori universe consists of over 10 biomes, each at a different stage of historical development and inhabited by its own unique species. Explore all these worlds, meet their residents and discover their secrets.
  • Make your way through the Kohakujō: Once home to ancient gods, the Kohakujō is now a parched rocky wasteland that connects all other worlds to each other. The more time you spend in it, the more it affects your mind and body, so be on your guard and get ready to encounter plenty of dangers on your way.
  • Enjoy the views: The breathtaking landscapes of the game have been crafted with great attention to detail and combine crisp pixel art with smooth 3D models. Spare some time to appreciate the sights and take a couple of screenshots!
  • Battle tough enemies and bosses: Prepare to be challenged by 50+ types of regular enemies and 10+ bosses with unique designs, movesets, and mechanics.
  • Keep your ears open: The soundtrack of Akatori is not only diverse and beautiful, but also informative, as it adapts to what is happening on screen. Be it an intense fight or a moment of calm, the in-game music will reflect it.
  • Follow the captivating story of Mako and the bird: Step into the shoes of the young monk girl and, together with your mysterious companion, journey through all the twists and turns of this tale about growth, self-discovery, and friendship.

Akatori will be released digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q1 2025.

Akatori Trailer

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