Adventure Awaits In Spirit of the Island On Nintendo Switch This Month

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PID Games, META Publishing and 1M Bits Horde have confirmed a release date for Spirit of the Island on Nintendo Switch.

In keeping with an old tradition that runs in your homeland, to become an adult and complete the coming-of-age ritual you must go on a journey of discovery.

Your adventure will start on a distant island, which is found deep in a tropical Archipelago. Once a prosperous tourist destination, it is now a shade of its former glory and it’s your job to bring it back to life.

That will see you explore the Archipelago, meeting the locals and lending them a hand as you work to restore the tourist paradise while uncovering the mysteries of your past.

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features, which include:

  • Settling In A New Place: Your tropical life will be a busy one, so grab your tools and let’s get started! First things first: you’ll need a source of food, a place to spend the night in, and some resources to build a farm and kickstart your tropical journey. So what are you waiting for — time to explore your lands!
  • A Plethora Of Activities: Spirit of the Island features 10 unique skills, such as farming, mining, foraging, social, and even fishing, which comes as its own special mini-game. Will you become a true master of all?
  • Your Journey To A Tourist Paradise: Make your island not only a welcoming home but also a booming tourist paradise, with fancy shops and landmarks. The more tourists you get, the better your economy will be, which is a crucial step to fund your journeys to the faraway Islands. But how do you please them all, and what do you sell in your stores? That’s where your skills will come in handy!
  • The Best Trip Ever: Each tourist will have a chance to love your Island so much that they’ll decide to stay, adding to the Town’s population. This part is crucial since you can hire them to do various things for you, such as tending to your shops and helping you maintain the Island. So do your best to make their trip a fantastic one!
  • The Power Of Two: One of the main features of Spirit of the Island is a 2-player cooperative mode, where you can do… everything together! Build a farm, grow crops and make delicious dishes, build a store and sell your produce to tourists, explore the vast Archipelago to find treasure, and discover the secrets of the tropical paradise! So invite your friend and start your coop journey right now!
  • Vast Tropical Archipelago: Spirit of the Island features 14 unique explorable islands, each with its own fauna, secrets, and dangers. Information on who – or what – inhabits these islands has been lost to history, but you will find mysterious caves guarded by ancient creatures — are you brave enough to explore them and uncover the mysteries within?
  • The Local Community: The Archipelago is bustling with life! Meet more than 14 unique characters, each with its own distinct traits and quirks. And yes, there are romance options as well!
  • An Eventful Life: One of the unique features of Spirit of the Island is events — a series of recurring occurrences happening through each in-game year (4 months). There’s always something fun happening in Town, so make sure to check your calendar often!

Spirit of the Island will be released digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 19 October 2023.

Spirit of the Island Gameplay Trailer

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