Activision clarify Guitar Hero situation, franchise may return in future

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Austin

It would seem that the internet was alight a little prematurely in mourning the loss of the Guitar Hero franchise, as Activision’s public relations mogul Dan Amrich has clarified that whilst the Guitar Hero Business Division has closed, there is still the possibility that the franchise may return in the future.

In a post entitled “Fact Check: Is Guitar Hero Dead?” on his One of Swords blog, Amrich clarifies:

“Here’s what actually happened: On today’s quarterly earnings call, Activision announced that the GH business division was been dissolved, and there’s no game in development for 2011. Having a dedicated division for GH made more sense when the music genre was bigger business; not so much now. Guitar Hero DLC development will continue and the existing games will be supported, but there’s no new game coming in 2011.

So, honestly…is that “death” or a much-needed break? For a while there I couldn’t drown out the cries of gamers on forums, blogs, and Twitter saying GH should take some time off, and from all appearances, that’s what this is. Step back, let it breathe for a while, don’t make any major plans, and see what happens in the future. I’m very okay with that.

Chapter closed? Sure, okay. Book burned? I doubt it.”

It is, perhaps, a sensible business move. With the music genre in decline, Activision are stepping away and focussing their efforts on the growing dominance of the Call of Duty series. Once they see the potential for Guitar Hero to re-emerge, they’ll then seek to re-establish the series in a more positive, and profitable, light. Then again, do you think that it is time that the Guitar Hero series is laid to rest?

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