52-inch, glasses-free 3D TV with Full HD resolution hits Japan

An interesting pieces of tech has today hit the market, with Japanese retailer Nissho Electronics reporting that it has begun sale of a 52-inch LCD panel that allows the viewer to enjoy full 1080p resolution in 3D without the need for glasses.

Its 3D capabilities are described as being a unique “2D + depth” implementation, which is also able to convert 2D images in real time. Dimenco, a four-man splinter group of former Philips employees, are responsible for the glasses-free 3D display technology and this is the first output from its efforts.

Initially targeted towards businesses, it carries a high price tag of 1.7 million yen (£12,793/ $20,820).

Additional technical specification are as follows:
* 2,000:1 contrast ratio,
* 8ms response time,
* 700 nits of brightness,
* 60Hz refresh rate.

[Thanks, Engadget]

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