51 Things We Learned About Super Mario Maker 2

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The Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct was crammed with details about the upcoming course creator, and, in looking to break down everything that was revealed, we’ve listed out the 51 things that we learned about the Nintendo Switch exclusive.

In Super Mario Maker 2, you will once again have the chance to play, create and share your own courses, with access to even more tools, items, and features than in the original Super Mario Maker – which went on to sell more than four million copies worldwide on Wii U.

Right. Let’s-a go!

1. Slopes
The first new feature to be shown in the original trailer takes lead once again in the Direct as slopes both steep and gentle were shown off. These can be applied to both ground and conveyor belts.

2. Angry Sun
The Angry Sun from Super Mario Bros. 3 makes his debut and looks to be just as much of a menace here as he was back then.

3. Snake Blocks
Snake Blocks can now be included in stages, the player free to draw their path. Green snake blocks run slowly while blue move along at a much brisker pace.

4. On/Off Switches
On/Off Switches alternate the visibility of red and blue blocks when hit. Already from the brief clip, it’s easy to see how this new addition alone can open up the game to so many puzzle opportunities.

5. Seesaw
The seesaw acts in pretty much the way you expect tilting based on where Mario’s weight is positioned.

6. Swinging Claws
Swinging claws can not only pick up items and Mario himself but also allow the player to use their own momentum and swing across the stage.

7. Water Level
Water is no longer restricted to the underwater theme, players now able to include them in any setting. More interesting still is the ability to set water to raise and lower at three different speeds. This can also be applied to lava too.

8. Custom Scroll
Custom screen-scrolling allows players to not only adjust the speed at which the screen scrolls but also the direction. So, if you want to have the frame slowly move diagonally upward then speed along horizontally you can.

9. Vertical Courses
Vertical levels weren’t easy to make in the original Super Mario Maker (warp pipes and a little trickery the only real way to accomplish something close) but in the sequel this will now be possible… in sub-areas at least.

10. Scroll Stop
Scroll stop allows players to create rooms whilst preventing the camera from showing what is outside its walls.

11. Banzai Bill
Banzai Bill makes his debut and can be fired in all directions. Red Banzai Bills meanwhile home in on poor old Mario.

12. Dry Bones Shell
The new Dry Bones Shell acts almost like a power-up. While the original Super Mario Maker had shells act as helmets to protect from enemies above, the Dry Bones Shell protects Mario from below thus shielding him from lava. The ability can also be used to hide from enemies.

13. Big Coins
Along with regular coins, Super Mario Maker 2 also includes bigger ones too worth 10, 20 and 50 coins. These look to make a neat reward for taking a tougher route in levels.

14. New Sound Effects
There will be new sound effects that include the oinking a pig and a spooky horror filter.

15. Co-op Making
Co-op creation allows two players to work together (or against one another) to create levels using two Joy-Con.

16. Clear Conditions
Levels can now have clear conditions assigned to them such as defeating a certain number of Dry Bones, collecting coins or completing the level as Super Mario. Now levels can be about more than simply reaching the end-flag pole.

17. Twister
Twisters look to be mini-tornados that send Mario and items floating in the air.

18. Icicles
Icicles harm Mario and can fall from the ceiling when approached.

19. Diagonal Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Belts are back, and they can now be placed diagonally!

20. Red Yoshi
Disappointingly it looks like only red Yoshi has made the cut for Super Mario Maker 2 (yellow and blue are absent for the time being) who possesses the ability to shoot fire from his mouth.

21. Parachute
Parachutes can be attached to items and enemies causing them to fall at a slower pace.

22. Boom Boom
Boom Boom will join Bowser and Bowser Jr. as bosses, swinging his arms around as he tries to attack Mario.

23. Story Mode
Super Mario Maker 2 has a new single-player Story Mode, that will challenge Mario to help rebuild Princess Peach’s castle. The mustachioed icon needs to collect Coins to fund this reconstruction project, which can be earned from accepting jobs on the bulletin board. These are completed by beating specific courses, to which Nintendo has handcrafted more than 100 for this mode.

24. Course Themes
Four new course themes have been added including Desert, Snow, Forest, and Sky. Since some of these haven’t been featured in certain Super Mario games (the desert style was never in Super Mario World, for example) all new styles have been created along with new music from composer Koji Kondo.

25. The Moon
The new Moon object will, when selected, turn the world to night, which in itself is a pretty cool effect. A smiling crescent moon will act similarly to the Angry Sun and if you manage to hit it every enemy on-screen will be taken out. However, the differences don’t end there. Each theme will also see a unique change at night time including:

  • The Ground theme will see Goombas floating.
  • The Desert theme will add a gust of wind to the stage.
  • The Ice theme will make floors even more slippery.
  • The Ghost House theme will make every dark beside a single spotlight on Mario.
  • The Sky theme will see gravity reduced making everything feel more floaty.
  • The Underground theme will flip the entire stage upside-down!
  • The Forest theme will now include purple poisonous water.

Some items will even change at night time too…

26. Super Mario 3D World Game Style
The new Super Mario 3D World game style is different to the others in that it has things that can’t be used in other styles. Toggle between them, and you will clear the course you are creating.

27. Cat Mario
Cat Mario can climb walls, scratch, slide, pounce, and climb up the Goal Pole, which, as Nintendo points out, will help the courses that you create stand out from those made in the other game styles.

28. Clear Pipes
Clear Pipes can be placed in any shape that you like. But, you will need to be careful as enemies can use them as well!

29. Crates
Crates can float on water and (somehow) lava, letting you create your own path when there are no platforms to leap on.

30. Warp Box
If you come across a Warp Box, you won’t be able to escape from its pull. Nintendo warns that it could warp you into a room full of enemies, so be prepared!

31. Spike Block
The Spike Block is, well… spiky, and an obvious hazard. These can be combined with the On/Off Switch to create new obstacles for players to overcome.

32. ! Block
The ! Block expands when the player hits it, and, if Ground Pounded, it will extend much faster.

33. Blinking Block
The Blinking Blocks will phase in and out, challenging players to carefully time their jumps to overcome them.

34. Track Block
The Track Block will follow any path that you draw, although the blue Track Block won’t move until the player steps on it.

35. Mushroom Trampoline
You can bounce yourself along courses using the Mushroom Trampoline, which you probably could have guessed given the name!

36. Piranha Creeper
The Piranha Creeper extends to wherever you draw, with players needing to keep away from its spiky stem – at least you can bounce on its head.

37. Skipsqueak
Skipsqueak like to match your movements, and, in some courses, you can use that to your advantage.

38. Koopa Troopa Car
You can take the Koopa Troopa Car for a spin to speed through courses – just be careful not to crash it!

39. Charvaargh
This fiery dragon-like enemy cannot be defeated and has an obsession with trying to drench your character in burning flames.

41. Pom Pom
Pom Pom returns as a boss character who, while throwing shurikens in your direction, can also clone herself. That means that you will need to work out which are the fakes so that you can defeat her.

42. Banzai Bill
In the Super Mario 3D World game style, you can place Banzai Bill so that they fly towards the screen.

43. Meowser
Bowser’s Cat form is back, seeing the Mushroom Kingdom villain grow some whiskers and sprout claws in an effort to defeat Mario.

44. Course World
The online hub returns, where players from around the world can share the courses that they have created. You can browse Hot Courses, Popular Courses, New Courses, or run a Detailed Search using filters and tags.

When you play a player-created course, you can leave a comment about your experience if they are enabled. Or even simply hit the “I like it!” or “Boo!” buttons for quicker feedback.

46. Download Courses
If you download a player-created course, you can play it at any time – even when you aren’t connected to the internet.

47. Maker Profiles And Points
Each player has their own Maker profile. If other players like your courses, you will earn Maker points. You can use these to customize your Maker’s look with different clothes or Nintendo-themed outfits. These can also be unlocked by complete objectives.

48. Endless Challenge
In Endless Challenge, you can test your skill to see how many courses you can complete before you get a game over. These courses are queued up randomly from everything that has been uploaded to Course World, with the chance to compete in online leaderboards.

49. Network Play
This new mode will let you play with other players from around the world online. In Multiplayer Versus, four players will race against each other in a randomly selected course. Your Versus Rating will change in relation to your wins and losses.

There’s also Multiplayer Coop mode where all players must work together to beat the course. If only one player beats the course, it counts as a win for everyone.

50. Local Play
You can connect up to four Nintendo Switch consoles locally, where, if everyone has a copy of Super Mario Maker 2, you can join up in a virtual room. You aren’t rated in this mode, but it does keep track of who’s in the lead.

51. Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Required
You will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to share any courses that you have created with other players online.

Super Mario Maker 2 will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on June 28th.

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