2017 Pokémon World Championships Qualification Threshold Lowered


After a midseason review, The Pokémon Company has lowered the threshold to score an invitation to the 2017 Pokémon World Championships.

That specifically sees adjustments to the Championship Point awards and Worlds invitation thresholds in the 2017 Championship Series, meaning that more players will now have an easier chance at earning an invitation to the big event.

Those changes are broken down in two ways: lowering the invitation threshold in some regions (meaning players can qualify for Worlds with fewer Championship Points), and increasing the number of Championship Points awarded at some events.

For those that are affected, you can take a look at the updated Pokémon TCG Championship Point Tables and Pokémon Video Game Championship Point Tables.

These leaderboards are currently being updated to reflect the new Championship Point thresholds, and will be completely up to date in the next day or so.

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