145 Nintendo Power Issues Live On Thanks To Internet Archive


Many were left dismayed when Nintendo of America announced that it had pulled the plug on Nintendo Power, the North American publication’s 24-year run coming to an end as the Wii U arrived at retailers worldwide.

Now, thanks to non-profit library Internet Archive, 145 issues have been painstakingly scanned for posterity.

That currently traces issues from the first-ever in July 1988 right through to June 2001, a point in time at which the Game Boy Advance had just launched in North America and Europe. While the collection was created in February by archivist Jason Scott and Sketch the Cow, will make sure that the magazine’s history won’t be lost in generations to come.

While it will be recognised as a tremendous resource, such a newfound discovery will bring this to Nintendo of America’s attention and it is unclear as to how they will react. Here’s hoping that they recognise the importance in preserving such informative nostalgia, and don’t step in to ask that everything is removed.

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