12-Minute Starlink: Battle For Atlas Gameplay Walkthrough Explores Haven

Starlink: Battle For Atlas Screenshot

Ubisoft has released a 12-minute Starlink: Battle for Atlas gameplay walkthrough, letting you catch a glimpse at what adventures await you with the Starlink Initiative.

You must free the Atlas star system from the grip of the Forgotten Legion in Ubisoft’s take on the toys to life genre.

We can see how we will go about achieving that in this walkthrough, whether fighting outlaws in space or descending on the lush and temperate planet Haven to investigate pioneer wreckage.

Detecting a signal at the crash site, your investigation soon leads to an encounter with the Forgotten Legion and more beyond that, as you look to trace the signal to its source.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 16th.

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