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Mario Kart 7 Trophies return to Club Nintendo’s Stars Catalogue

With Club Nintendo members in Europe and Australia required to spend their hard-earned Stars by September 30th, Nintendo are making sure that they keep the Stars Catalogue active with items to spend i...


Mario Kart 8 launch sales outpace Mario Kart 7 in North America

Nintendo were already celebrating success after Mario Kart 8 achieved 1.2 million sales worldwide over the Wii U exclusive’s launch weekend. We now have a larger idea of how the North American m...


White 3DS XL & Mario Kart 7 in Amazon’s Black Friday deals today

If you’re looking to snap up a Nintendo 3DS XL in the run up to Christmas but are still holding out for that money-saving deal, then Amazon UK’s Black Friday week may have you covered. The...


Nintendo launch Mario Kart 7 Community Facebook App

It’s slightly startling to find that Mario Kart 7 has nearly been on store shelves for two years, thought Nintendo’s support for the handheld entry isn’t slowing any time soon. Today...


K’Nex constructs official Mario Kart 7 building sets

Building upon the success of their Mario Kart Wii building sets, K’Nex have announced that they have now launched additional Mario Kart 7 lines to support their officially licensed range. Kart A...


New Mario Kart 7 trophies appear on Club Nintendo

Club Nintendo has seen new additions to the Stars Catalogue, delivering new Mario Kart 7 trophies for users to claim. There are now replica Banana and Mushroom Cup trophies that cost 5000 Stars indivi...


Nintendo UK launch weekly Mario Kart 7 community night

Having recently launched their official Mario Kart 7 community, Nintendo UK have now announced plans to host weekly sessions. These regular gatherings will take place every Wednesday between 7-9pm, so...

Nintendo UK launch Official Mario Kart 7 Community

Nintendo UK have today announced that they’ve launched an official community for Mario Kart 7, encouraging Nintendo 3DS owners to race and compete online against one another. You’ll need t...

UK Mario Kart 7 tournament now live

Nintendo UK have confirmed that the Mario Kart 7 tournament announced last week is now live. Nintendo 3DS owners are invited to head to the track, where they’ll compete in regional communities a...

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