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Mario Golf: World Tour Review

So, I have a confession to make. Mario Golf: World Tour has, in a matter of weeks, become something of an irrepressible addiction for me. As someone who has always had an aversion for the sport, that&...

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Nintendo detail Mario Golf: World Tour DLC and pricing

Nintendo have confirmed that they will support Mario Golf: World Tour with downloadable content, extending the game beyond the 10 courses and 126 holes that are already available. This will see anothe...


Claim Mario Golf (GBC) for free through the Nintendo eShop

If Mario’s signature cap isn’t enough to sway you toward picking up Mario Golf: World Tour at retail, then perhaps another offer can pique your interest. Nintendo of Europe have announced ...


Mario Golf: World Tour receives UK pre-order bonus

With Mario Golf: World Tour preparing to tee off in a matter of weeks, those in the UK holding out for a pre-order bonus to sway them have at last been provided with one. Those that purchase through t...


Mario Golf: World Tour receives pre-order bonuses in Spain

Mario Golf: World Tour releases across Europe and North America on May 2nd, and it appears that it will be accompanied by pre-order bonuses to lure you in. In Spain, those that pre-order through speci...


New Mario Golf: World Tour Item Shots trailer swings in

With Mario Golf: World Tour firmly on the horizon, Nintendo have shared a new trailer for the 3DS exclusive. Whilst presenting plenty of characters that fill the game’s roster, including Diddy K...


Mario Golf: World Tour box art tees off

Nintendo of Europe have swung and struck home, revealing the box artwork for incoming 3DS exclusive Mario Golf: World Tour. As you can see below, this striking artwork sees Mario striking his golf bal...


Mario Golf: World Tour tees off on May 2nd

Nintendo have announced that Mario Golf: World Tour will sport a new Castle Club, a single-player clubhouse that sees players use their Mii characters to play through the game. The 3DS exclusive, now ...


Mario Golf: World Tour introduces global multiplayer tournaments

Mario Golf: World Tour took a brief turn under the spotlight today, during the latest Nintendo 3DS Direct.

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