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Flashback And Another World Twin-Pack Revealed For Nintendo Switch

Microids has revealed plans to release a Flashback and Another World Twin-Pack for Nintendo Switch at retail.

This physical edition will bundle the legendary and pioneering games together on the portable home console and will hit retailers on November 21st.


Often ranked in the top 100 games of all time, one of the world’s greatest action-adventure game is back!

2142. After fleeing in a spaceship, the young scientist Conrad B. Hart wakes up with amnesia on Titan, a colonized satellite of Saturn.

His enemies and kidnappers are hot on his heels and he must find his way back to Earth, all while defending himself from various dangers and preventing aliens from destroying the planet.

New content and new features:

  • For the first time, play the Director’s Cut version (2 exclusive cut scenes)
  • White or pink? Choose one of the two historic colors of Conrad’s T-shirt
  • Play any level you’ve completed during the adventure
  • Replay the cut scenes you’ve watched during the adventure
  • Jukebox: enjoy the game’s music on demand
  • Street Art Gallery: earn points during the adventure to unlock images
  • Graphics filter and Post-FX
  • Remastered music and sound effects
  • A brand new “Rewind” function which lasts for different lengths of time, depending on the difficulty level
  • Tutorials

Another World

Also known as “Out Of This World” in the United States and “Outer World” in Japan, Another World has developed a cult status among critics and gamers for its innovative gameplay and avant-garde cinematography.

Another World recounts the adventures of Lester Knight Chaykin, a young scientist who travels through time and space when a nuclear experiment goes wrong.

He arrives on another planet, where he will have to fight for survival, surrounded by hostile creatures. He will befriend an alien and only by working together, they will regain their freedom. You’ll need to be logical and highly skilled to overcome this adventure’s obstacles.

Content of the 20th Anniversary version:

  • HD visuals, faithful to the original designs
  • 3 levels of difficulty: Normal, Difficult (equivalent to the original game’s level) and Hardcore
  • A more immersive experience: choose between the remastered soundtrack and FX, the original sounds and the original CD soundtrack
  • Upgrade from the original graphics to full HD
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