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escapeVektor set for Japan debut next week

Nnooo have announced that escapeVektor will soon see release across Japan, to be published by Arc System Works in the region. We fell in love with the retro-styled arcade game, which sees players cont...


escapeVektor discounted on Nintendo eShop

Nnooo have announced that escapeVektor will be discounted to half price over the next three weeks. This sees the Nintendo eShop title available across Europe, Australia and New Zealand for just €5 (no...

escapeVektor Review Header

escapeVektor Review

“Hello? Hello, is anyone there?” It’s this lonely cry of desperation that greets you when you first begin escapeVektor. This is the moment that you first meet Vektor, who you soon di...

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escapeVektor set for Nintendo eShop

Nnooo have announced that escapeVektor will soon be released through the Nintendo eShop. The retro styled arcade game sees the entity Vektor placed in control of the player, who is tasked with helping...

escapeVektor headed to Nintendo 3DS

Australian developer Nnooo has confirmed that their award-winning game escapeVektor is headed to Nintendo 3DS later this year. escapeVektor is a retro-styled arcade game, that places the player in con...

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