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UNIQLO Introduce BOXBOY T-Shirt Range

We may have said a fond farewell in BYE-BYE BOXBOY, but the Nintendo 3DS exclusive wasn’t to be the cuboid hero’s last appearance. Nintendo has teamed up with UNIQLO to release 10 t-shirt ...


When a sequel was announced for last year’s small Nintendo eShop release, BOXBOY!, I was ecstatic. BOXBOY! was one of 2015’s hidden gems, and it is great that this series is getting a cont...

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BOXBOXBOY! Stacks Up On June 30th

The puzzle sensation is back, with Nintendo having announced plans to release BOXBOXBOY! on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. HAL Laboratory’s boxy hero Qbby returns with a new power that all...


BOXBOY! Receives Surprise Sequel On Nintendo 3DS

HAL Laboratory’s sensational puzzler BOXBOY! has been treated to a surprise sequel in Japan. Hako Boy! Mou Hito Hako (which translates to BOXBOY! One More Box) was announced by Nintendo this wee...

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