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Warner Bros. scrap plans for future Batman: Arkham Origins DLC on Wii U

Nintendo of America have begun notifying those who purchased the accompanying Season Pass for Batman: Arkham Origins that they will shortly be refunded the cost to their Nintendo eShop account. The me...


Batman: Arkham Origins Review

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse… err… bat. Having returned to the Batcave on Christmas Eve after intervening in a...

7 Good

Batman: Arkham Origins Initiation DLC now available

Prepare to climb North Korea’s Paektu-San Mountains, as WB Montreal deliver the Initiation Challenge Map downloadable content for Batman: Arkham Origins. This will see you again in the role of Bruce W...


Batman: Arkham Origins launch trailer disrupts Christmas

Europe may now have to wait a few more weeks for Batman: Arkham Origins on Wii U, but with other console versions releasing tomorrow Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have unleashed the launch tr...


Batman: Arkham Origins receives 17-minute gameplay walkthrough

If you’re still undecided as to whether Batman: Arkham Origins is worthy of a purchase, maybe this extensive 17-minute gameplay walkthrough will be enough to tempt you into pre-ordering. YouR...


Batman: Arkham Origins on Wii U suffers sudden European delay

Wii U owners awaiting the Dark Knight’s latest escapades in Batman: Arkham Origins will soon be met with a heavy heart, as Warner Bros. Interactive today announced a delay to the physical release acro...


Batman: Arkham Origins TV Spot emerges

With Batman: Arkham Origins descending upon the world next week, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have shared their rather inspired UK TV spot that will support the Dark Knight’s latest cr...


Batman: Arkham Origins supported by free iOS and Android game

Batman: Arkham Origins will be accompanied by a free-to-play brawler for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch around the console game’s launch window, with an Android version arriving later in the year. ...


Batman: Arkham Origins on Wii U will be cheapest version

Having announced that the new multiplayer mode bound for Batman: Arkham Origins won’t be included within the Wii U version, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have confirmed that i...

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